African Dane Job Interview

Truly too casual?

How much would I have earned in experiences that would enrich my life? How many chances have I lost that go so far beyond material wealth, just in terms of levelling up as a human being. Being a stronger and better person, what would I have earned in life lessons? Especially on the stereotype side, […]

African Dane Networkin g

Casual Networking

Let me paint a picture. Two flags converge I’m a casual Tanzanian, an African Dane raised in Copenhagen. I came as a five-year-old five-star-stunna, my momma’s baby, climbing to the top of pillars, this cocoa butter fly boy took off like a Birdman. Ever since a Juvenile, I was fresh with or without the Cash […]

A Short T Episode One: Tank Top

A Casual T presents the short story series A Short T (Episode one: Tank Top) They ordered every designer bottle. Designer cologne to compliment all the ‘cohol. They were in sync, big name brands across the crew. Car service in an SUV built like an indestructible tank, smoke out of the roof of the tank […]

Aren’t you hungry? (Benefits of intermittent fasting)

When I was way overweight, I got up to a number that was higher than chubby NBA 7-footer, Nikola Jokic in a much shorter frame. via GIPHY I thought the heavier you were, the more you had to eat. I didn’t realize these constant cravings and hunger were caused by the way I was eating. […]

What is the best Big K.R.I.T. project?

Big K.R.I.T is a silent 🤐 assassin, efficient and effective as a vacuum cleaner that gets it done without letting loose a drop of sound. Not like Florida rappers who we also admire who have drip for sale. Not like Florida’s fictional Tony Montana – who’s hit on Emilio Rebenga had the subtlety of a […]

Why isn’t Fabolous as popular as other rappers?

The main reason I don’t hold Fabolous in the high regard that had me buy Ghetto Fabolous 💽 and enthusiastically recite his Street Dreams lyrics 🎶 while looking forward to each and every one of his features like a military child looking ahead to their parent making it home safe and sound – is dumbed […]

Fear Creeping In

Bill woke up with a spider on his faceHe couldn’t grab a tissue in time to capture it with. So he had to body it with his bare handsHe went to the bathroom to wash them after – he was quite obsessive about that.He said to himself man I wish it was a cockroach. In […]

The win she needed

Rivals at work, with sentences, paragraphs and full stops. How did it go from on point to a sharp, pointed object. She said “give it to me or I’ll cut ya”. Ultimately the envious assailant wanted what she had, In her bag, back in Berlin. Without it, would she be robbed of her skills. Hopeful […]