Aren’t you hungry? (Benefits of intermittent fasting)

When I was way overweight, I got up to a number that was higher than chubby NBA 7-footer, Nikola Jokic in a much shorter frame. via GIPHY I thought the heavier you were, the more you had to eat. I didn’t realize these constant cravings and hunger were caused by the way I was eating. […]

What is the best Big K.R.I.T. project?

Big K.R.I.T is a silent 🤐 assassin, efficient and effective as a vacuum cleaner that gets it done without letting loose a drop of sound. Not like Florida rappers who we also admire who have drip for sale. Not like Florida’s fictional Tony Montana – who’s hit on Emilio Rebenga had the subtlety of a […]

Why isn’t Fabolous as popular as other rappers?

The main reason I don’t hold Fabolous in the high regard that had me buy Ghetto Fabolous 💽 and enthusiastically recite his Street Dreams lyrics 🎶 while looking forward to each and every one of his features like a military child looking ahead to their parent making it home safe and sound – is dumbed […]