About a Casual t

When keeping it highlight reel goes wrong

I’m Eric Maganga, a prolific poet who has made his rounds on the Copenhagen scene including as a performer at the city’s yearly culture night. As a playwright and director, I have had 4 shows performed including my own one-man show. In my plays, I’ve dealt with topics like suicide (the most important creative piece I’ve done) and also alcoholism, confidence, and internet dating. I’ve also always paid homage to hip-hop with my music choices from Lupe Fiasco to Gucci Mane and I even named my one-man show ‘Gone Till November’ as a tribute to Wyclef Jean.

As a journalist, I’ve interviewed Patton Oswalt from the King of Queens and Sorry to Bother You, NBA All-Star Khris Middleton, singer Craig David and the talented Grammy-nominated, Rapsody. On top of the interviews, I had each of them read part of one of my poems. In 2019, I covered Roskilde Festival.

What I’m about

I’m a creative who has been through the fire and come out standing, so I use the perseverance I’ve developed to try to inspire whoever may need it.

Who might enjoy it

If you’re tired of mundane writing and being put in a box, you’ll enjoy my creativity and example of how we can be whatever we want to be.

Origin of the name

Once I was going through a hard time and I was writing a lot of texts that showed just how confused I was. One of the lines I wrote however that I always remembered was, “I’m casual like a t” and I decided to resurrect it to take my power back from the situation. The new meaning is being casual but never a casualty or a victim.

Origin of a casual Tanzanian

A casual Tanzanian is my platform to speak on being a black, African man who grew up in Scandinavia and all the power my combined experiences gave me.