Aren’t you hungry? (Benefits of intermittent fasting)

When I was way overweight, I got up to a number that was higher than chubby NBA 7-footer, Nikola Jokic in a much shorter frame.


I thought the heavier you were, the more you had to eat. I didn’t realize these constant cravings and hunger were caused by the way I was eating. Daily doses of overly sweetened fruit juices, if not straight up soda, snacks and multiple pizzas a week.

“I seen my dreams unfold, nightmares come true”. Meek Mill – Dreams and Nightmares.

The weight continued to pile on, I purposely didn’t keep batteries in my scale at home. Like a schizophrenic having a conversation with themselves because then they can lie to themselves in the most literal of ways. I’d weigh myself at my mom’s home, I stepped on with great anticipation every time – the situation became worse and worse each time I checked. Last time that I checked, it wasn’t a victory lap but the loss I needed to set up the next huge win.
“Minor setback for major comeback – that’s my favorite”. Kendrick Lamar – Dedication.

It all started with Joe Rogan, I had heard of the concept but, this seed was brought to life – like it was given water and fertilizer and nurtured to birth a king plant. The concept of course – intermittent fasting, the more I did it the less hungry I felt. I set out a challenge, like when Kobe let NBA players like Giannis and Kyrie know what they could achieve this season. For me, my method was 24-hour fasts and one meal a day at times, all while making healthy choices. I even gave up flavored sparkling water, these bottles have no calories but drinking them can make you retain water and not lose weight. And lose weight I did to the tune of 25 kilos and counting in 4 months.

Stay locked like Fort Knox for more stories on how I did it.
And comment below if you feel hungry all the time and are looking for a solution.
Would you consider intermittent fasting?

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