Casual Concert goer – Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates’ association is full of breadwinners, that’s his record label. I’d label him a bred sinner, a product of his environment trouble maker. He’s got a criminal record. He was supposed to come to Copenhagen to give a show and meet and greets. Getting a free media ticket means I couldn’t have upgraded without buying a whole new ticket. But he cuts a crazy caricature, unstable figure.

He’s the perfect example of how an artist can come in with such a memorable first album and continue to grow even going in and out of the jailhouse. An on the note of memorable albums, it’s remarkable that we remember them for the collection of moments they provide us even with filler and some weak tracks top to bottom. It happens with upwards of 20 album cuts, but you know a cat is special when some of his songs play soundtrack to one of your years and you go back and enjoy them a half decade later.

Let’s put on the pessimist’s hat so I don’t feel bad I missed the show:
I would have liked to have been disappointed in person. With poor audio, poor song selection, and standard ass salutations like when they say what’s up Sweden in Copenhagen. Break my musical heart, confirm why I skip your album tracks that aren’t singles. Show me the only reason I listen is because Odell Beckham said to. Both me and Odell have collaborated with Scandinavian watch brands. But as the song goes, I done gave all my watches away, ain’t got no time for that!

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