African Dane Networkin g

Casual Networking

Let me paint a picture. Two flags converge I’m a casual Tanzanian, an African Dane raised in Copenhagen. I came as a five-year-old five-star-stunna, my momma’s baby, climbing to the top of pillars, this cocoa butter fly boy took off like a Birdman. Ever since a Juvenile, I was fresh with or without the Cash Money. 

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Watching mom fight for everything, instilled some dog into me and fast forward 15 years+, I’m battling degrees and demons. Time came and I needed a job to put the food on the table.

After fighting like a dog for a job post master’s degree, I went back to school and was determined to make the most of student status, to get my foot in the door at a company.

One of the opportunities in my eyes were networking events, these actually ended up being more companies looking for LinkedIn followers than anything else.

But if I was looking for you at a networking event would you be scared or inviting.

Cuz I need no invitation and when I step up to someone at a networking event there are some contradictions I must address. 

I’m built like the event’s security guard. Two meters in shoes, and my shade of brown is the most beautiful hue. So when I approach with polite intentions, you might feel you’re in trouble or have to show your ID.

But then you hear me soft spoken and eloquent.

And then you just have to acknowledge, that I’m






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