Casual Speaker

I’m not a true swahili man, I speak broken kiswahili. I’m not a Danish man either, I speak Danish with an accent that has you thinking I haven’t been here 27 years. You might think I’m not a man’s man either, I’m so emotional intelligent, with so much empathy. You might not have seen a man like me.

So what’s my country. Where’s my home. Danish on the passport no contradictions there.

I don’t speak English with a Tanzanian accent. I don’t speak English with a Danish accent. I speak some real grown man shit, emotions mental wealth, you could say you haven’t heard it like this. But I’m trying to be an example for my unborn children. That doing it your way can make you happy, a trailblazer. It’s on the world to adjust, don’t break yourself. If your soul was a sport you’d be balling out of control.

I’m not approaching everything casually. I’m taking it head on. Detractors say I’m a deer in the headlights. Well dear, I’m announcing I’m here. You’ve never seen one like me before!

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