Casual opinions on the NBA bubble

Being a casual Tanzanian, you can casually hold back on interaction. On the other hand it is clear as the pain of a piercing and permanent as a tattoo; you need human contact. Isolated with your brothers in the bubble. Isolated with well-wishers and the opposite. Contradictory as an undersized basketball player, on the court they are a sharpshooter with impaired vision.

Ordering food

Straying off campus like we aren’t pampered enough in the bubble. Journalists included. If I was covering the restart like a sheet; you’ll sleep on me at your risk, you’ll be in store for a rude awakening. Storing the evidence on my phone, shopping for meals, deliver us from evil, by delivering carry out from magic city.

Ready meals

Meal prep, plain, or simple. Missing planes to Orlando because of covid, in the year a helicopter crash took the Mamba too soon. Mambacita would have been in the women’s league in a leap of years. Laid to rest but their legacy never left; a serpent stalker reminding us to push ourselves to the limit.

Social distancing


Dwight Howard had his mask off like future, he’s overrated in the present, doesn’t believe in vaccines, wasn’t passionate enough about playing to commit to the restart right away. Ghosts of the past are at play, dusty and outdated as his defensive player of the year awards. As sickening as another defender, Gobert contaminating his crew with covid.

Snitch line (call me)


They reported him and I’m not talking reporters. No mask that’s an offense and Dwight only plays D. Peers protecting players, pear shaped players dropped weight, a parachute releasing a useless passenger. Building character with the weight loss, wicked as a witch; black magic lives matter.

Superteam plotting

In the bubble, making friends. Let’s play… Together. They say bubble friendships without the risk of tampering, will have them reuniting later like Brady and Gronk in Tampa.

Orlando magic city

Losing the love of the game, for stripped down interactions. Slow grinds instead of the consistent attrition breaking boulders of obstacles… By showing up every day.

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