On stage

As a mild-mannered, modest, quiet person, getting on stage and sharing personal poetry is an extreme way to get out of your comfort zone. If you manage to do it it’s very rewarding. You challenge yourself, you feel alive, and it is a real opportunity for growth. During the pandemic, chances to get on stage …

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32 Years

A year of perseveranceLifted like a toast, raising your spiritsAre we ready to hear it?Will it be one of the years we remember dearest?Keep our family nearestAnd open up our lives to friends because we are so fearless This is more than a year-to-year listThis is therapeutic This is the heart’s music So keep your …

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Mother Africa

When you stop speaking your mother tongue, are you rejecting her? Mother Africa. The one that birthed you, gave you life, spirit and soul. Gave you the melanin that has your skin shining brown and beautiful. A black man or woman, started as a child in Mama Africa’s lap. The language is a connection, it’s …

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