Destined For Friend Divorce


What do all relationships share? Either it’s a family tie by blood or bond, or they expire. More important things come up and when you are as lowkey as me, more exciting things come up – more flashy things. So, if you’ve ever felt you need to dump a friend, this one is for you.

Emotional Relationships

Emotionally charged marathon relationships run out of battery. When they burn so hot, what about when the flame dims? When adversity takes away its shine? Consistency is key for me. Knowing where I stand is critical – astronomical emotional highs are not. Can I count on you? This is something that gets exposed over time. So does the opposite. If I have four straight meetings where a supposed friend left me in town without telling me goodbye, even I wouldn’t stick around for a fifth.

Friendships can also be forged on failure, misfortune, and fleeting feelings. Two opposites can come together when one of them is going through it. When the storm passes, they tell me peace out. But I was supposed to pick up the pieces.

Sense of Finality

Why we don’t always use the breakup metaphor with friendships is it seems so final. I coveted closure even if it meant that I’d never speak to you again. It works better than you clearly not being engaged. Teasing me with on and off attention, selling me the dreams to keep me dangling – when you’ve already moved on.

These endings are settling since some of the friendships that burn hot also have Finland chills and then they finish. Spiteful negativity and some suckers see no value in me. It’s no hard feelings but I disagree. I see myself as someone with gifts to share. I like to listen; I don’t judge, and I’m loyal.

Served a Purpose

When it’s over I can reflect on the course of the relationship. If I feel emotionally fortified and overlook the ending, I can see I had a moment in time with that person. It was magic when I was spellbound. It’s tough because I’m inclined to want to erase it from my memory when the ending is bitter. Good times are good times though. I learned lessons from interactions that were needed at a given time.


Sometimes two people are so mismatched – it’s a victory to stop speaking. I was able to lose some dead weight that poisoned me with unspeakably heinous character assassinations. I never looked back, I’m comfortable with the conclusion. In these situations, it’s harder to see the good because me and the person were so different.

The Ending

Friendship breakups aren’t a fairytale any more than I’m a fairy godmother. They’re real. They can be a relief and can leave you renewed. Second chances are cool but sometimes you gotta be ready to sign them divorce papers like Usher Raymond.

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