Do you recognize me? (Humanizer)

What kinds of blacks do you like? What shades of African brown are most beautiful to you and why? Which behaviors by blacks make you comfortable? Can you deal with variety?

Are we too “different” a.k.a. deviant?

You can’t put me in a black box. Now let’s start a dialogue. I’m using creative writing to open the talk.

Is aggressive what makes you strangely comfortable, albeit slightly fearful?

If I’m in all black am I menacing?

Or is it black power you’re after? Forever like Wakanda, catch phrases like you catch stray bullets that are friendly fire.

With or without rhyme, I’m poetic. If I couldn’t write I’d be a balled-up mass of energy. Writing things you have to read on repeat and I do it all because it’s my release. But aggression is far from my way of (human) being.

Stay woke is all the buzz. Eyes wide open, I’m slept on, and yet I can’t call myself underrated. I’m no one’s victim or casualty. Just gotta keep putting in work ’till they can’t ignore it. Gotta keep pushing and generating opportunities. Chances never come out of thin air, instead, they come here through the grind of attrition and consistency.


Taking a hard line. Firmness gives way to toxic masculinity, drowning out any note of soft. Any smooth sound of what’s sensitive.

Passive, submissive
Do you want the timid? Does this trait make you feel bigger? More vigorous and explosive when you know my shine is dimmed. If I make myself small does that embolden you?


Run, rap, receive a ball. Perform comedy, break out into song. Will this make you feel comfortable?

What about individual variety?

Showing spirit and strength of character by being one of one. Unlike others and unique. We have variety within our ranks, we have range, we come in all forms.

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