Fear Creeping In

Bill woke up with a spider on his face
He couldn’t grab a tissue in time to capture it with.
So he had to body it with his bare hands
He went to the bathroom to wash them after – he was quite obsessive about that.
He said to himself man I wish it was a cockroach.
In a Cuban accent he exclaimed “I’d bury those cockroaches” Tony Montana style.
He pictured a shrine to the fallen insects outside in his garden.

Inspired by the J. Cole rhymes he was listening to earlier that day, he reflected on how he made it to the top. At 21 he was a savage and he felt they had fucked up his shot. This was his road to appreciation of life.

Bill saw a black cat as he crossed the street on his way to the networking event that got his unemployed ass out of bed that morning. He wished he had the cat in his bedroom to feed the spider to. But seeing a black cat every day was even worse luck than rubbing shoulders with a spider. Why not just smash two mirrors and get 14 years bad luck? Do kitties live 14 years he pondered.

Bad luck for 14 days is already too weak.

He made it to the event and saw his old hockey coach and start-up mentor, Bo Davis.

“Why don’t you give me a job?” He asked
Only half joking.

What are your credentials, what have you proven in this here business?
You just want to ride the next man’s coat tails, just like when we played hockey.
You don’t know how to politely reintroduce yourself, let me know how you can help me and what value you can add for me.”

Bill was ticked off. He sized up his old coach but he still couldn’t take him on physically . Some things never change.

He realized he was ashamed. Because he felt letting down his coach and being a leech on society were as scary as any black cat or spider. He didn’t let the negativity crush him, he used them as motivational fuel.

His coach looked at him and said “your nose is bleeding”

Bill couldn’t catch a break.

He excused himself and went to the bathroom.

When he saw himself in the mirror his cheeks were swollen and his lips were crusting over on top of the nosebleed.

This was some Freddy Krueger type shit he thought.

Freddy… Wait a minute. I had that dream where I had to follow my potential and stop looking for hand outs. Are these spooky ass events cuz I didn’t follow my dreams. Just then a snake snuck in that had been hiding in the grass.

“The dream told you to watch out for me.”


Yeah it’s me, backstabbers don’t only cause abstract emotional pain.
We will be

The End.
… Of your ass

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