How to judge wins and losses while keeping your sanity

Finding myself in a corner and admiring the warmth and shelter in that corner, shaped me into the monster that makes my demons demure. When a storm of turmoil hits, I’ll be well-tooled because of the lessons my favorite tutor taught me. That’s life.

Gratitude versus entitlement

If you’re anointed with it all early, a light breeze might knock you on your ass. If it looks like you have it all, an alarm is going off close by – a change is coming. It’s on you to decide if it’s a loss or a lesson. The biggest win is feeling like you have it all no matter your circumstances.

If your cup is overflowing, you might expect more. You’ll be blind as a bat to the fact that people would get in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime to trade places with you. I wouldn’t wish hard times on anyone but when that shooting star in the sky shines and it was time to ask for something, I’d want perspective for everyone.

Tally your talents

The way to rate my situation at any given time. Was I a vision of perseverance? Did I keep my tenacity? What’s next? As someone with a giant university education and miniature hobbit work experience, I must highlight my strengths. I didn’t surrender, I stared down every challenge head-on. Interrupted and stayed determined. I completed a task, I built a skillset, I just haven’t found the place to apply it yet career-wise.

As a creative, I’ve done 4 plays and many poetry performances. Even though my voice doesn’t have a thunderous roar. I’m going to take my birthday to give myself a pat on the back. There are 364 days a year where I don’t. I just wanted to show that I have wins and so do you.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison is the fastest way to disappointment. This minefield of speculating why you didn’t blow faster; I can still explode on the scene. Ignite like a firework when I meet my career’s lighter. They got it swifter, but I’ll enjoy it more, I was always going to be a slow volcano.

They might have more materials, but whether they have more happiness is up for debate. I have perspective and appreciation for the little things. Taking a longer path to my goals will cement how valuable it really was.

Don’t be jealous when you’re down

If the scoreboard says I’m down and they’re up, I’m going to have to embrace my situation to overcome it. No use in cursing the top scorer, pining after their position. Openings are hiding in plain sight for everyone. I’m gonna go get mine. I don’t even know if they appreciate their position – why would I want to be them? I don’t want what’s meant for them. I want what’s meant for me.

The ending

The choice is yours: take the battle up with your mind or have the fight come to you. I’ll show I’m a force of nature before I get forced to count my blessings in self-defense.

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