Mother Africa

When you stop speaking your mother tongue, are you rejecting her? Mother Africa. The one that birthed you, gave you life, spirit and soul. Gave you the melanin that has your skin shining brown and beautiful. A black man or woman, started as a child in Mama Africa’s lap.

The language is a connection, it’s a gift. And because you have been blessed with it, any time back in your part of the continent will make it grow like a branch on the tree. Grow back I mean.

What do you lose as you forget it? That depends on you. You might win the world along the way. And Mama Africa is forgiving and welcoming to its own. So if you’re language is broken, just know your spirit is intact and whole.

You could have sunk but you swam, Mama Africa is proud of you. You adapted to your environment like any real African would do. Still standing strong and representing because when you win, she wins.

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