My SEO Journey

My passion is SEO, and I’d like to welcome you on my journey to improve SEO knowledge. It started with me repeatedly reading blogs on my favorite SEO expert, Brian Dean’s blog. It ended up taking over my entire career path, bit by bit. I’m currently almost done with a couple of recent books on this fascinating topic. I’m trying to learn SEO on a scale that will equip me to excel at it professionally.

I’m learning you can’t separate SEO and copywriting and I wouldn’t want to. I recently heard or read – Neil Patel say: to be good at SEO you have to love it. I follow him on YouTube, his website and podcast.

Why am I talking about how I want to improve SEO knowledge?

Talent is built and earned. I’m in the process of putting in the work to set up the future I want for myself. My example is on how I am working to improve SEO knowledge because that’s what I want but the subject could be whatever you want. Go get it you go getter!

I was recently fortunate enough to have a job where I worked on my skill-set. To maximize what I got out of it – I went and followed those marketing podcasts, business people on social media and read everything relevant I could find.

I always had a passion for writing – it was the easiest way for me to express myself.

Why I’m built to learn SEO

As low-key as I am I always believed in two things: my internal goodness and my ability to write. Being a friend to myself maximizes the first and putting in the work is helping the second surface. I developed my work ethic and love for the process of finding my dream job; and it was as if my writing had to catch up with it.

Before I had any experience with SEO, a job consultant who I trust – deemed it a suitable career path for me. On social media I share poems and interview articles – but I’m all about copywriting – SEO copywriting. But I got what my friend would call that special sauce and it comes through in my writing and my determination.

So, whether I’m hunting down that backlink or doing the email outreach I mastered chasing interviews as a journalist – I’m putting in the work. Not to get that chip off my shoulder or to prove myself to anyone else, I just want to get the most out of what I have. Like an athlete who isn’t all that athletic – but who kills it with his work ethic. In the famous words of Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter: I WILL NOT LOSE.

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