On stage

As a mild-mannered, modest, quiet person, getting on stage and sharing personal poetry is an extreme way to get out of your comfort zone. If you manage to do it it’s very rewarding. You challenge yourself, you feel alive, and it is a real opportunity for growth. During the pandemic, chances to get on stage have been severely limited. So progress has been slowed, but can they bottle up something already brewing?

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Developing a persona

Getting on stage consistently is like building an alter ego. This superhero version of you is everything you ever wanted to be and a way to find your real voice. You don’t have to be the quiet, timid version of you anymore at least you can avoid it for a moment. After all, making it to the stage is already a huge accomplishment. Add to it that you’re putting the deepest part of your soul on display with no fear of judgment and no regard for human life – you deserve several pats on your back for that one.

Building confidence

The momentum you are accumulating will lead to a confidence surge. Just take the time to acknowledge what you’ve done and give yourself credit for it. Don’t let this potential turning point pass you by. Embrace your bravery no matter the response or accolades from the audience. You’re a rare person for having the courage to get on stage and let loose. With your personal wisdom and truth, speaking it like you see it, sharing your observations, communicating your narrative.

Coming out of your shell

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From walking on eggshells in reticence to coming out of your shell and developing a thicker skin and a bolder spirit. Proving the little doubters wrong and stepping up to the forefront in a big way like only you can. Dropping the self-critical lense for a second and just being – free and easy. Natural, gifted, extravagant, witty. They didn’t know you had jokes. They didn’t know you had conviction.

Stopped with the pandemic

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Sure your light got dimmed for a second through no fault of your own. The world has been on pause, in dark mode. But you came back, armed with your corona passport and a story to share. You were just getting in the groove of being on stage when you had to step off for a spell. You were just accumulating knowledge to release.

But they can’t keep you down

You’re a dormant volcano, dangerous and fiery. You have an intense, slow burn. You don’t just have flames, you have substance. No fire extinguisher will hold you back. Water isn’t wet enough to keep your fire under wraps. Don’t they understand? You’re unbelievable, it’s deep down in your fundamentals, your essentials. Step on stage, you’re their favorite performer’s favorite performer. Look at little, unassuming yet unstoppable you. A self-made winner, a round of applause is in order.

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