Poem: She’s Bad Enough To Build With


The biggest, the bravest
Get with her and you know you made it
Build a bridge of faith
An exterminator getting rid of the rodents of hate
Getting rid of the remnants of rage as you navigate through the rat race
She’s so moving in life, you’ll pack your suitcase


With all that entails
Junk in the trunk or a nice little tail
By her side, you’re never positioned to fail
Make a motion, before she leaves for another ocean and you’re left knowing the ship has sailed
On my side I’ve been through shit and prevailed
That’s why I keep it so real

Model qualities

She doesn’t need to flex
You aren’t looking for what’s next
She’s at the top of your list
She doesn’t need to go to IG to share pics
She’s photogenic but only poses for her partner, picture this
Eyes on the prize, a pattern that means the lockdown doesn’t feel like a punishment or imprisonment

Traditional or plus sized
Whatever the build
Any outfit… killed
The truth revealed
Her casual look catches the eye when you are in court like an appeal
I mean when you court her
One day this will uplift my hypothetical daughter

Abundant quantities

So full of positive vibes they can’t help but pass it on
I’ll be on your team any day no matter the race
Pass me the baton
I keep it real always, I don’t have to turn it on
You made me get in my bag like a carry-on
Cuz you’re really that fly, that’s why
Not plain, feet planted far from the sky
They say the black man doesn’t cheat, I’m that guy

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