Samsung Galaxy S10 longterm review

We’re going to put the galaxy S10+ on the clock to see if it stood the test of time or tucked it’s tail between its hindlegs. Are Samsung just some dogs looking to chase your cash?

There’s a lot to rock with about the Galaxy S10+, a year plus into its launch. Samsung have been on a roll since they didn’t implode when their phones started to explode. This beautiful beast is almost all screen. Tweaking and building on the trend the iconic S8 brought in that was only slightly refined for the carbon copy S9. They designed it with no notch although there’s a compromise I’ll get into later.

The screen features an in glass fingerprint reader – the first one that uses more secure Soundwave technology (ultrasonic). You get three damn cameras and should you want to store all your photos on this thing, you can expand on the base storage of 128 GB with SD cards as grand as 512 GB. Around the time it launched Adobe came with a version of premiere that worked on this phone (and others) so there are great video editing possibilities.

It’s not all perfect. A couple of decisions had me clamoring for the at times maligned S9. For instance it’s a beautiful phone but you are in Danish stores limited to black and white. Sticking with the looks the hole punch cutout camera is notch like. Some argue just another notch. The in glass fingerprint reader can be slower than the back of the phone perfected in the S9. Lastly Adobe premiere rush for video editing could have been free although your first three videos are on the house.

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