A Short T Episode One: Tank Top

A Casual T presents the short story series A Short T (Episode one: Tank Top)

They ordered every designer bottle. Designer cologne to compliment all the ‘cohol. They were in sync, big name brands across the crew. Car service in an SUV built like an indestructible tank, smoke out of the roof of the tank top. Listening to the musical stylings of R&B singer Tank, while playing call of duty going to war in an armored ta… well you get the picture, there was a theme.

There was envy amongst this team of lacrosse minor stars. They were jealous of the hockey mega stars and there was a pecking order that meant it spread inside the locker room too.

They decided to go big. The bottles of champ for these chumps came with fireworks, to the table they took a loan to order. The girls these bottles attracted were as flashy as a polished poop emoji. They lured them to the parking lot. Where the hockey stars who they admired were out of their minds, high on… chewing tobacco. They lit their asses up with high powered… paintball guns. To show them just because you can afford to be fancy, doesn’t mean you have to forget how to have fun ?.

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