Star of the Show (I’m Going To The Concert Alone Part Two)


In the sky, a signal in my spirit let me know I’m lonely. I was going to swing at it like the bat, man – I showed up like Bruce Wayne at night. I flipped the script. Since you couldn’t come to the show with me, I became the show.


Soul on display on stage, a shy man’s showcase. A heart overflow, filling the audience’s funnel. I used to come as a guest, then I became the entertainer. I used to be in the front section absorbing the singer’s style. Now it’s evolved, the same quiet person, but I’m front and center. I didn’t know I was making memories to lean on in lean years to come.

It was like all the prep-school presentations plus a million. It was what I always wanted to say but never had. It was a privilege. Its appeal was sweet as a banana split. I didn’t slip on the peel. I counted them as some of my biggest wins – 15 minutes on stage and I kidnapped the crowd. They became kin.

You Came To Support

I hustled for concert tickets, I went to the concerts alone. My solo status mirrored my standing with my peers. But that was in the rearview. My drive was the same, maybe I pushed people off – it wasn’t a two-person road. Now they were there to see me, you people I treasured dearly. I’m so quiet it’s a whisper, but the fire burns so loud, my sentimental side is screaming out. Just loud enough, tearing down toxic traditions, you can feel the teardrops fall on the walls I had built up.

Every Woman In My Phonebook

I wanted to be met by God’s finest creations. Super single, I wanted them to see me. Summoned every Eve, but no snakes. I felt I had the juice and I’m my mom’s making – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Maybe they’d sense I was special. I could break the ice because I was a poetry polar bear. They weren’t sleeping on me – they were straight-up hibernating.

One-Man Army

It was just my thoughts – I stood tall and talked about my shortcomings. Couldn’t be indecisive then kid, spoken word was the only time you ever heard son speak. I shined. I put my signature on the city for a stint. It all started with the signal in the sky.

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