Taysom’s Skill

Sports are on everyone’s tongues as we trek through the Jordan documentary. A shot in the arm for Sports fans secluded and excluded from watching live or on TV.

Meanwhile drafts and free agent contracts are keeping intrigue alive and kicking. A perfect example is Taysom Hill who does every thing on the NFL field except kick it. And for Taysom, the reward is straight up handsome.

By betting on himself, adding value and carving a role. He is going to stay a fixture in the Bayou like Birdman. That Mannie Fresh and in him I see me. When he flies by on a route, or overpowers them with strength, they turn to Lil’ Wayne; they’re all getting Weezy.

So whether he’s throwing it, catching or rushing it, he’s cashing a paycheck. He’s rushing straight to the bank to be compensated like a seasoned vet. What happens when you combine passion with being yourself.

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