The win she needed

Rivals at work, with sentences, paragraphs and full stops. How did it go from on point to a sharp, pointed object.

She said “give it to me or I’ll cut ya”.

Ultimately the envious assailant wanted what she had,

In her bag, back in Berlin.

Without it, would she be robbed of her skills.

Hopeful she’ll retain a little. Her hope is more like lit and it’s burning.

Well-dressed and she kills it on WordPress.

She lost it for a second, spiritually when she misplaced it physically. She got real serious, she stopped kidding like a vasectomy.

And the threatened did nothing to deserve it.

A humble servant with the world in her cervix. She’d work magic like the shepherd in the alchemist – in a word alchemy.
As meek as a mother who deserves trophies. As giving as mother earth
Making sacrifices for wins like a casualty.

If she was the animal it comes from, she’d turn into a wool sweater more than a casual tee, of the same color.

Forget being in awe, that’s what a lamb is for – the slaughter.

She often questions is she a part of the flock or the leader?

But being humble enough to ask, is the first step of the path.

Will she lead or just follow on the grass, and is being a leader the last way to feel free at last.

So losing her bag, getting robbed on the train, by her trainee who got fired was alarming. Alarm bells went off from day one – she loved to put on a show but lost her job due to poor performance.

But the thoughts triggered by the robbery were the biggest win she could have hoped for.
Was it one laptop, one presentation lost?
Instead of being fed up, she ate it like a lamb dinner – food for thought.

She wanted to be a marketing G.O.A.T. – goddamn this game is cutthroat!

Jealousy is an ugly outfit, not only did she rob her, she made her feel a pinch with a sharp instrument. Now the lesson is branded on her – true meaning of brand management.

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