African Dane Job Interview

Truly too casual?

How much would I have earned in experiences that would enrich my life? How many chances have I lost that go so far beyond material wealth, just in terms of levelling up as a human being. Being a stronger and better person, what would I have earned in life lessons?

Especially on the stereotype side, they expect me to be energetic and live. They didn’t know humble, thoughtful people come in this size. Fuck the element of surprise, it works against me they want a disguise. Because they don’t know how much hard work can come out of one these guys.

It leads them to believe we aren’t a good fit, I’m way too regular to be a misfit. But I go harder, that’s why I’ll go farther. Obstacles thrown at me make me have to work smarter, perservere. I have another gear.

I’m more than a dress shirt, I wear my heart on my sleeve. On a team of underdog warriors, we believe. But we’ve been blessed to see our destiny, go get it, and live out our dreams.

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My biggest concern is trying to seem nervous and have my voice shake. But I didn’t know I seemed so steady that it seemed I didn’t care at all. Have you ever seemed too indifferent?

And it temporarily got between you and your dreams?

Only you come back the next night and battle your demons like you’re in control.

Don’t sleep on me every time I dream, I grow my soul, but this idea that my tempo is too slow is running through my mind ’till I have to throw out the soles.

But I don’t take it is and insult when they so no, not at all. Because like Frank said about Tony Montana – get a guy like that on your team and they’ll go through a brickwall.

I want the world.

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