Trying to pull it off with the pull of the world on my shoulders


When I gaze into the winter air, all I see is one big metaphor. It’s dark for a while before the seasons change. Feelings can sway at the same time; emotions can be short-lived and that clashes with the more permanent sense of direction you have. What is a dream anyway? You wake up from it so it can be different from a goal that you work towards or a deep-rooted purpose. But there is just so much childlike pure bliss in a dream – can we afford to lose them?

Dreams Can Change

Your dreams can come dressed in disguise. There’s a component of realness, a kernel of truth, a hint at the place you need to set your GPS for. They don’t come with an app, they just appear in adolescence, they leap into your consciousness later in life. Like a bunny on a trampoline. And while you’re young you love to play boy and you dream of a life of mischief where you leave a legacy like Hugh Hefner. As you grow, your eyes unseal like you’re waking up for the first time. You realize dreams have some elasticity. You were blinded by the seductive appeal of the siren singing to you like Stevie Wonder. The sun hits you like a Ray Charles and you soon see you are as layered as an artist. You’re flawed but it’s not fatal although Ray Charles is dearly departed.

Purpose Stays Consistent

In the mirror of the immense power of your soul’s muscle, you stare at your purpose. It’s what makes everything move melodically when you tap into it. It can be related to career or family and you just know it can come back to the ability to impact people with your singular skillset. If you’re blessed to best trauma you can be a shining chandelier of change. That bat signal in the sky that inspires the next generation to be as fly as you are. It can come in many creations and costumes. You can be a rock for your family or a lottery ticket by a roll of the dice. You can be a diamond in the rough whose story polishes the next uncut gem. You can be a tower of talented triumph. You can build the treehouse your toddlers tumble in. Either way, you are a miracle because you are above ground.

Pursuit of a Mission

When you are on the chase how do you get caught up? You have blinders on thinking you’re competing with the other crabs in the barrel. When it’s time to flex you put on Ralph Lauren apparel. But when you don’t take a moment to see where you’re going you turn into seafood like the crab. You’re on the hunt for everything that’s deer but at any time of the year, it might reign. You might make it big. What if you already made it big and are too blind to eyeball your blessing? What if you need to change directions? A sense of where you’re going is sensational but check your right and left side in case you need a redirect literally.

The Good With The Bad

The hardest times carve out the strongest people. They severed your arm, so you improved your footwork. They subtracted it from your life to make you prize it more. They slowed you down so you could take the scenic route. They tightened your circle so you could be solid solo. Success is in your mind not just in your possessions. Separate good and bad and you stagnate, only have bad you become bitter only good you become a snob. Within reason, you can choose to see the lesson when you are on social media feeling left out.

A Twinkle of Hope

That glow. When you are ready to give it all up. A spiritual signal of support to let you know you’re not done. You’re at the source and you sense the spark when dreams and reality smash into each other. You were in pieces, now you found peace. Protect it, handle your business but hang in there. You’re not washed up or too dry, you’re the outfit they could never pull off.

The Ending

You’re re-energized, a single match can reignite a fire. A slow burn delayed but not down and out. You’re detailed, you have direction. You’ll win because you defined your own rules.

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