When people surprise you positively

Restored optimism

Down and out. I was so pessimistic. I’ve always had trust issues, they try to put me in a box and cross me – but I can’t sign off on that. There was a time when I was at the bottom, holding on to every last inch of gratitude and perspective for protection. Counting the real friends one by one, then I got a bonus to keep going. I heard the sound in the yard. It was someone I was on the fence about who I hadn’t heard from in forever. They stepped up and served me with a smile like Federer.

Just when you are about to lose faith

These moments came right when I was about to buck it, say I had no network here, and board a plane to Brussels. I bounced back like a ball on the baseline controlled by Kobe Bean Bryant. So much perseverance and selected souls get a peek past the exterior.

Feeling isolated

No social plans like ever. Evenings with the world on my shoulders wondering who I can even lean on. If I can’t lean and I get crooked, my mom’s my crutch – I appreciate her so much. She always made time for her son. Family fires fuel my sentiment that I’m unstoppable.

Full heart

When I got them on the phone, it was my sensitive spirit that sensed the force. I was left feeling full. Not like a heavy meal. More like a bite to match the bark of a young pup who doesn’t have to be a guard dog all the time.


With these conditions, I gave permission for progress on the paved road. I felt like part of a Unit, it was way more than courtesy. I was Curtis Jackson in 2003 in G-Unit. I got through on the 9th shot – so we can call it 50.

When Patton Oswalt surprised me.

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