Why Relationships Should Benefit Both People


When you both benefit. You’re on a two-man team. Winning. It covers up the differences. No more misunderstandings. The difficult times. The lean years where one side really had to lean on the other. It makes sense for you to be tied together. I never played ping-pong – this is a time where it’s Serena serving. You enjoy what she brings to the court, taking nothing for granted.

Helping Each Other

Lessening weaknesses. More lessons than eighth grade. You’re the reason the world never ate your friend up. You had the class to not let them get taken to school. If you just dropped in for a season – and didn’t stick it out, were you ever really solid? You’re soft as baby food, no use – you need to get thrown out – used diaper.

Becoming Family

A chance to prove yourself. It’s the law – there’s the proof. You can be sweeter than a tooth, but if you’re about the candy you have to gain – you’re a menace like O-Dawg. I like friends I can lean on like a crutch, more like the character Caine. If I ever need a boost to stand tall. In a dark cloud – tied up like shoelaces, will you help me shoe-shine?

Listen Here

I can listen without judgment. I can be a rock…star. I’m like Batman, need to transform and start fresh? I’ll help you get reborn. I’m the young, black Ozzy Osbourne. They bite my style like a bat head and I don’t stop because I’ve just got to eat.

A time when I interviewed the Grammy-nominated Rapsody and she read my poem like I wanted

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